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Gemini is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and custodian that makes it simple and secure to buy cryptocurrencies.

Design Language

As a hyper-growth company that is rapidly scaling and offerings more products, it's tough to have a unified visual language throughout the platform for consistent user experience.  

During my time at Gemini, I initiated the design system project by setting the design vision and visual language to inspire, inform and align with cross functional teams. I believe a well-crafted product design language is one of the strongest tools as designers' guidance to create a distinguished, memorable experience and connection to the brand.

Design System

Gemini’s primary challenge about design and engineering collaboration was that was no single source of truth for design documentation and component library. It slowed down the overall productivity drastically and create an inconsistent product experience.

As we navigate between design vision and execution, I built out the foundations for the design system include typography, color, grid, icons, elevation etc... and continously scale our component library with additional components.

Trading Redesign

As the design system started to scale,  I started to redesign our trading experience to showcase the vision of how design system language can simplify and improve user experience.  

I introduced the new trade experience with updated navigation, user flows and interaction model. The redesign had increased the trade conversion more than 20%.