Apto Payments

Democratizing financial services
Apto provides access to parties who are offering their financial services. Apto has helped Coinbase issued the first crypto debit card and PayPal's speed-to-market solution with Venmo Card.

Design System

Apto Payments has helped many companies like Coinbase and PayPal launch their card program and provide payment management tools. When I started my job at Apto Payments, we started planing on the new product in an enormous scope in a vast market, and I realized that we don't have enough design resources and no scalable design solution. So I decided to build the first design system for Apto to develop cross-platform products faster by making design reusable and scalable.

Instant Issuance Platform

Launching a card program used to be slow, complex, and expensive. Our goal is to remove barriers so businesses can launch card programs with ease. My focus in Apto is to build the Instant Issuance solution that supports various use cases, including neo-bank businesses, payroll programs, payout or disbursement products, gift cards, and many more.

I worked closely with the Product and Engineering teams to create a powerful tool that helps developers to access our comprehensive API and have full visibility to the user, card, and transaction details in real-time. We also provide webhooks and configurable reports as additional tools for effective data delivery.

MObile SDK

I initiated the design exploration and redesigned our mobile SDK to offer a white-label mobile application that developers can drop into their existing application or distribute as standalone mobile applications. We make mobile SDK designed as modular and easily configured the way developers want by adopting our design system.

Brand & Website

I believe a great branding strategy will results in a strong web presence, among many other aspects that can lead a company to success. I designed our website to reflect our brand and voice about simplicity and pleasant; I want to present a modern financial service that is safe and easy to use.